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Student writings

Softball is a very interesting and kinda of confusing game.In softball there are two teams,the objective of the game is to score more points than the opposition to win.To score points you have to hit the ball with the bat.There are two things the teams do,hitting and fielding/throwing,when one team does one thing the opposition does the other.When your team goes to fielding/throwing,the team goes out into the field(the field is divided into infield and outfield).The team members who are in the infield wear gloves on there non-dominate,they use these gloves to catch the ball hit by the batter. The main objective while fielding/throwing is to get the batter out.There are two ways to get the batter out,the first is to catch the ball while its in mid air,which automatically causes an out for the batter.The second way is to get the ball to a person on the base,which causes the batter to get out.After getting three batters out,you switch to batting.Also while doing this,one person on your team throws the ball to the batter.The second thing your team does is batting. In batting one person goes to home plate to bat while everybody else waits there turn in the dugouts.When you get to the home plate,the first thing is to get in stance,which is when you spread your feet out to get a good balance and face your feet toward the base.You then have to grip the bat,you put your non dominant hand on the bottom of the bat and your dominate hand on top of that,you also put the bat on your dominant shoulder to get ready to hit.When the ball comes to you,you bring your bottom hand to the ball and hit it.You then have to run along all the four bases and come back to home to score a point,That's how you play softball - Ayyan 7th Grade


This week in gym we have played baseball. So far in baseball we havelurned how to catch throw and hit. The first day we played we picked teams and we played a little bit but the first thing you want to do is you put your left hand on the bottom and other hand on the top and step into the box and keep,your eyes on the Ball and swing then if you hit it you run to the bases and trynot to get out. Then when you are feilding you need to always be ready for the ball to be hit to you and if it is hit to you you need to put your glove in front of it and be ready to catch it and throw it to first and try to get the runner out. And that is how to play ragball - Brylan 6th Grade


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