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Student Work

    Student Work Samples
1st 9 Weeks

7th Grade 
    This week in P.E. we played football. To play football, first you set up on the field. There is offense, which is attacking, and trying to score a touchdown, and defense, which is trying to stop the offense from scoring. The quarterback is the player that throws the ball to their teammates. To throw the ball, put your hand where the laces are, and throw the ball. If you throw it correctly the ball should fly In a spiral rotation. To receive the ball, you must catch the ball with your hands shaped like a diamond or web shape. Then you run with the ball to the touchdown line. If you are tagged with two hands by a player on the opposing team, you must drop the ball in that spot, and start over from that spot. The team with the most touchdowns at the end of the game win.

7th Grade

    This week in Phyical education we learned how to play ultimate frisbee. We learned three types of throws in ultiment frissbee. First is the chicken wing. When you do the chicken wing you have put your thumb inside the frissbee. Then you put it against your forearm and throw it.Next is the flick with the flick you put the frissbee to the side and throw it. And the last throw we learned was the backhand which is just a regular freesbee throw. We also learned how to catch the freesbee when you catch a freesbee there are two ways to do it . The crab with is where you make your hand look like an alligator mouth and the pancake is where you clap your hands but the freesbee is in the middle. That is all we learned about ultimate freesbee it is really fun and you should play it sometimes.

6th Grade
    How do you play soccer? Soccer is a very big sport, played in just about every country, although in every country other than America it is referred to as football. Let's start by explaining the rules, a throw in happens when the ball goes out of bounds and when you do a throw in both feet have to always stay on the ground and a hand ball happens when someone's hand hits the ball and when that happens you have to kick it where the ball touched the hand. There are also many techniques one is passing which you do by kicking the ball to someone else on your team and drilling which you do by kicking the ball not to far ahead and making sure you kick it with the inside of your shoe and out side of your shoe but rarely with your toes because you might stub your toe if someone else kicks it,. Finally one of the main strategies is is keeping the ball away from the other team and making sure they don't get it and another strategie is passing it to your team mates so they can score and get a point for the team.





6th Grade
    This week win PE, we learn the rules, techniques, and strategies. First, there are the rules to this game which are throw-ins, goalie kicks, corner kicks, and hand balls. A throw-in is when the ball is kicked out of bounds. A goalie kick is when the ball goes out where the goal is. A corner kick is when the a team kicks the ball out on the line where the goalie is. The last rule is a hand ball which is when a player touches athe soccer ball with his/her's hand. Now on to the techniques of the game which are dribbling, passing, and kicking. All of these you need to be good at to play the game well. There are also strategies which are offense and defense. On offense, you need to take control of the ball completely and score in the other teams goal and on defense you need to try and defend your goal from being scored in. That's what I learn in PE this week.

8th Grade
    This week in gym we played rag ball, rag ball you need to stand a certain way like put ur feet in front of each other an spread out some a bottom hand is when you put your hand that you don't hit with first then you put the one you do hit with on the top when you throw the ball to make a pitch you have to make sure you throw it perfect to the person if not then they can't hit the ball in rag ball in order to get that person out then you need to tag them with the ball or you need to catch the ball and throw it to the people that's on the bases like first second and third base but it was fun playing tag ball because it taught me things I didn't know and that was mainly everything because I don't Normally pay soft ball or rag ball or even base ball even though I messed up in the game like throwing the ball to the fence and not catching it when it was right in front of me it was pretty fun because of the people you get to play with and the gym teachers

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