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Parts of a Plant

Parts of a Plant

1. Roots - the part of the plant that absorbs water and
                  minerals, stores food, and achors the plant. 

    4 kinds of Roots: Aerial, Fibrous, Taproots, Prop Roots

2. Stem - 2 kinds:  woody or soft.
      ** The stem's purpose is to 
                1. support its structure
                2. serve as a transport system for the plant
      ** 2 kinds of cells that make up the transport system
                  1. Xylem - series of tubes that moves water and 
                                   minerals up the stem
                  2. Phloem- moves sugar that are made in the
                                   plant's leaves to other parts of plant 

     Soft Stems - are not strong.
                         They are soft, green, and can 
                         can bend. Their cells have chlorophyll and 
                         produce food.
    Woody Stems- covered with bark
                         Woody stems do not contain chlorophyll.
                         they have a tough, outer covering that 
                         serves as a protective layer. 

3. Leaves - function is to carry out the Photosynthesis or the 
                   or the process of making food. 
                   Leaves need 3 things: sunlight, water, & carbon

4. Flower

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