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Word Study

Each week students will participate in a word study of different word families.  The word study begins with 4 weeks of review of letters, then moves to short vowel patterns.  Below you will find the Word Study Scope and Sequence for the year.  The week we are currently on is highlighted.

1st 9 Weeks

Week 1:

Week 2:

Week 3:

Week 4:

Week 5:
hat, mat, bat, rat, sat, pat
man, fan, van, ran, pan, tan
Challenge: chat, clan, plant, match
High Frequency Words: the, I, and, is, in, go

Week 6:
pat, sat, bat, fat
map, lap, nap, tap
bag, rag, nag, wag
Challenge: splat, chap, grab, clamp
High Frequency Words: good, am, me, like, had

Week 7:
hit, bit, fit, pit, lit, kit
win, fin, bin, tin
Challenge: finch, slip, grip, shin
High Frequency Words: my, look, you, play, has

Week 8:
sit, wit
pig, dig, wig
sip, lip, tip, rip, dip, hip
Challenge: strip, sprig, stitch, wiggle
High Frequency Words: on, make, am, did, as

2nd 9 Weeks

Week 1:
hop, pop, top, mop
pot, hot, got, lot
dog, fog, bog, log
Challenge: frog, stop, shop, shot
High Frequency Words: his, do, he, we, little

Week 2:
sun, bun, fun, pun
bug, rug, rug, jug
cut, but, rut, nut
Challenge: stun, slug, shut, spun
High Frequency Words: see, for, this, up, all

Week 3:
bed, wed, fed, Ted
ten, pen, den, hen
bet, met, get, set
Challenge: bless, bend, bent, bled
High Frequency Words: be, no, if, of

Week 4:

cap, nap, tap, sap
sip, nip, tip, dip
cop, top, sop, mop
Challenge: strap, snip, stop, stomp

High Frequency Words: are, so, ask, day, was

Week 5:
fan, pan, tan
pin, win, tin
ten, pen, den
pun, fun, run
Challenge: grin, plan, bunt, tent
High Frequency Words: boy, now, out, girl, or

Week 6:
sack, pack, back, tack
tick, sick, pick, lick
sock, dock, lock, tock
Challenge: slack, black, stick, shock

High Frequency Words: give, have, said, come, by

Week 7:
sad, sip, sock
had, hip, hen

ship, shack, shop, shin, shut, shuck
Challenge: shirt, sink, hint, hand
High Frequency Words: here, into, call, saw, she

Week 8:
shin, ship, shack, shop
chin, chip, chop, chat
thin, thick, thud, thug
Challenge: shirk, shift, think, church
High Frequency Words: one, put, our, came, yellow

Week 9:
sack, sick, sit
tack, top, tip
stack, stick, stock, stop, stun, stuck
Challenge: stink, tank, trip, strip
High Frequency Words: too, blue, new, say, any

3rd 9 weeks

Week 1:
stick, stop, stack, stuck
spill, spin, spot, spit
slip, slim, slam, slop
Challenge: stomp, stamp, spunk, slump
High Frequency Words: many, then, your, some, than

Week 2:
gab, get, got
grab, grits, grub
dab, dip, dot
drab, drip, drop
Challenge: grand, grasp, damp, draft
High Frequency Words: very, us, gave, way

Week 3:
dip, dab, den, dot
drip, drab, drum, drop
jab, jam, jump, jog
Challenge: drank, drink, drug, junk
High Frequency Words: live, yes, they, talk, walk

Week 4:
chip, chop, chat
trip, trap, truck
jab, jack, jam
drip, drag, drum
Challenge: chunk, chimp, champ, chest
High Frequency Words: them, jump, more, what, over

Week 5:
much, ranch, inch, such
hush, cash, mash
path, bath, sloth, cloth
Challenge: bunch, crunch, month, crash
High Frequency Words: pretty, under, went, want, brown

Week 6:
shot, chat, bet, slot
best, wrist, cast, past
lift, loft, draft, craft
Challenge: shift, theft, blast, crest
High Frequency Words: eat, well, must, white, just

Week 7:
glad, grid, skid
flat, that, shot
bend, band, mend
dent, cent, hint
Challenge: sprint, splint, grand, strand
High Frequency Words: him, who, how, people, green

Week 8:
slap, drag, chap, plan
stop, shop, shot, plod
shut, shun, stuck, stun

Challenge: chant, stunt, grand, plank
High Frequency Words: fly, there,their, about, thing

4th 9 weeks:

Week 1:
hat, clap, stand, stamp, mad, plant
hate, place, game, flame, made, fame

Challenge: strange, replace, behave, shave
High Frequency Words: these, those, zoo, ride, more

Week 2:
stand, chant, jack, grand, slant, task
fake, tame, stake, came, blame, flake

Challenge: create, inflate, insane, reframe
High Frequency Words: nice, family, time, again, cold

Week 3:
string, trick, hid, bring, win, spin
bike, hide, mine, pine, lime, size

Challenge: upside, stride, beside, refine
High Frequency Words: school, car, coat, around, round

Week 4:
hand, cash
crane, grape, lake, shade
swing, spill
knife, smile, slide, pride

Challenge: napkin, plastic, mistake, alive
High Frequency Words: once, old, night, write, word

Week 5:
block, pond, chomp, stop, pop, clock
phone, stole, whole, rope, broke, home

Challenge: alone, notebook, explode, boneless
High Frequency Words: because, place, long, work, away

Week 6:
drum, dusk, grunt, plump, mug, brush
tube, tune, flute, huge, cute, prune

Challenge: bubble, perfume, pumpkin, excuse
High Frequency Words: been, brother, sister, first, which

Week 7:
cost, spot, slob, crop
close, drove, froze, slope
shut, snug, plump, must
mule, mute, dune, rule

Challenge: refuse, trumpet, homemade, monster
High Frequency Words: it's, he's, she's, that's, here's

Week 8:
far, parch, cart, start
porch, sort, pork, sport
bird, stir, girl, dirt

Challenge: alarm, harvest, chorus, dirty
High Frequency Words: can't, didn't, aren't, don't, isn't


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