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Daily Agenda

Friday, Aug. 26th- Scientific Method Quiz, Finish Lab

Monday, Aug. 29th-  Warm Up, Review Quiz, Catch up on unfinished assignments

Tuesday, Aug. 30th- Warm Up, Notes:  Biotic and Abiotic Factors, Ecosystem Drawing Activity (Grade)

Wednesday, Aug. 31st- Warm Up, Notes:  Levels of Organization, Levels of Organization Manipulative

Thursday, Sept 1st-  Warm Up, Levels of Organization Manipulative Activity, Directed Reading

Friday, Sept. 2nd-  Quiz:  Levels or Organization, Lab:  Racoon Populations

Tuesday, Sept. 6th-  Warm Up, Review, Nearpod-Populations

Wednesday, Sept 7th-Warm Up, Finish and Discuss Populations, Candy Population Lab

Thursday, Sept 8th-Warm Up, Review, Population Mark and Recapture Lab

Friday, Sept 9th- Population Quiz, Planet Earth: Predator and Prey, (Finish Lab?)

Monday, Sept. 12th- Warm Up, Nearpod:  NRFJI, Animal Adaptations Carousel (QR Reader)

Tuesday:  Sept. 13th:  Warm Up, Finish Adaptations Carouse, Begin Animal Project

Wednesday, Sept 14th:  Warm Up, Socrative Hybrid Game, Animal Adaptations Project, Ticket Out the Door

Monday, Sept 19th:  Warm Up, Video Clip, Closing:  Go Formative Review (Symbiotic Relationships Review)

Tuesday, Sept 20th:  Warm Up (Put stages of succession in order), FINISH Go Formative Review, Nearpod Succession Activity (Notes)

Wednesday, Sept 21st:  Warm Up, Discuss Succession, Complete Unit One Study Guide

Thursday, Sept. 22nd:  Warm Up, Review Study Guide, Review Game

Friday, Sept. 23rd:  UNIT ONE TEST

Monday, Sept. 26th:  6th:  Test/// Quizlet Vocab Review//Food Web WebQuest

Tuesday, Sept. 27th:  Warm Up, Finish Quizlet Vocab, Fininsh Food Web Web Quest/ Complete Quizlet Game

Wednesday, Sept.28th:  Warm Up, Discussion:  Energy Flow (Notes)

Thursday, Sept. 29th:  Warm Up, Outside Food Chain Lab

Friday, Sept. 30th:  Food Web Lab

Monday, Oct. 3rd:  Warm Up, Finish Food Web Popplets, Review Sheet

Tuesday, Oct. 4th:  Quiz:  Energy Flow

Monday, Oct. 17th:  Warm Up, Human Impact Discussion, View Lorax and answer questions.

Tuesday, Oct. 18th:  Warm Up, Discuss Each Biome, Review

Wednesday, Oct. 19th:  Warm Up, Biome Coloring and Matching Activity

Thursday, Oct. 20th:  Warm Up, Nearpod:  Aquatic Biomes (MRAUH)

Friday, Oct. 21st-  BIOME QUIZ; Finish Nearpod

Monday, Oct. 24th:  Warm up, Aquatic Biomes Directed Reading Notes, Space Race Review Game

Tuesday, Oct. 25th:  Warm Up,  Ecololgy Unit Study Guide

Wednesday, Oct. 26th:  Warm Up, Review Study Guide. Quizlet Live Review Game

Thursday, Oct 27th:  ECOLOGY UNIT TEST

Friday, Oct. 28th:  Warm up, Review Test, Dichotomus Key  Lab

Monday, Oct. 31st:  Warm UP, Alien Classification Lab

Tuesday, Nov. 1st:  Warm Up, Notes:  Characteristics of Life

Wednesday, Nov. 2nd:  Warm Up, Classification  Lab

Thursday, Nov. 3rd:  Warm Up, Nearpod:  Rules of Classification, Classification Acronym Activity (Grade) 

Friday, Nov. 4th:  Warm Up, Discuss Rules of Classification, Finish Acronym Activity, Begin Classification WS

Monday, Nov. 7th:  Warm Up, Quizizz Review Game, Complete and Review WS, Ticket Out the Door

Tuesday, Nov. 8th:  Quiz:  Characteristics of Life/Rules of Classification, Begin Kingdom Booklet

Wednesday, Nov. 9th: Warm Up, Video Clip:  Archae, Notes: Archae

Thursday, Nov. 10th:  Warm Up, Nearpod:  Kingdom Eubacteria

Monday, Nov. 14th:  Warm Up, Finish Bacteria Lab, View Microscopic Slides

Tuesday, Nov. 15th:  Warm Up, Discuss:  Kingdom Protista; Protists Carousel Activity

Monday, Nov. 28th:  Warm Up, Review, Discussed Fungi, Fungi Coloring Sheet

Tuesday, Nov. 29th:  Warm Up, Bacteria Collection, Discuss Plants, 6 Kingdom Chart

Wednesday, Nov. 30th:  Warm Up, Animal Brainstorm, Discuss Animals, Begin Study Guide

Thursday, Dec. 1st:  Warm Up, Review Study Guide, Review Game


Monday, Dec. 5th:  Warm Up, Review Test, Bacteria Lab, Cell Coloring/Labeling WS

Monday, January 2nd:  Warm Up, Amoeba Sisters Video; Discussion :  Cell Parts; Ticket out the Door

Tuesday, January 3rd:  Matching Warm Up Game; Quizzizz Cell Review

Wednesday, January 4th:  Study Guide; Cell Bingo Game

Thursday, January 5th:  CELL TEST

Wednesday, Jan 18th:  Warm Up, Cell Foldalbe Activity, Amoeba Sisters Video

Tuesday, Jan. 24th:  Egg Osmosis Lab

Wednesday, Jan 25th:  Discussion:  Cellular Respiration and Photosynthesis

Monday, Jan. 30th:  Fermentation Lab, Cellular Respiration Cut-Out

Tuesday, Jan. 31st:  Cell Energy Study Guide; Kahoot Review

Wednesday, Feb. 1st:  CELL ENERGY TEST

Thursday, Feb. 2nd:  Genetics Notes

Monday, Feb. 13th:  Warm Up, Genetics Carousel

Monday, March 20th:  Evolution Lab/Evolution Notes

Tuesday, March 21st:  Evolution Lab

Wednesday, March 22:  Notes:  Evidence of Evolution

Thursday, March 23rd:  Natural Selection Lab

Friday, March 24th:  Fossil Discussion


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