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Thursday 1/7

Class Launcher: What is the worst thing about living in a small town? Why? How do your ideas or thoughts about your town apply to Maycomb?

Standards: ELAGSE9-10RL2; ELAGSE9-10RL3; ELAGSE9-10W1

EQ: How does the character development contribute to the theme of the book and move the plot forward?

Activator: How often do you find your thoughts, beliefs, and/or ideas in opposition to those around you? Why do you think your ideas are different from or the same as the mainstream of students around you?

Teaching and Learning Strategies: Read TKAM with a focus on theme and characterization. 

Chapter 25 pages 242-245 and Chapter 26 pages 245-251

Chapter Questions: 

Chapter 25

  • How does Maycomb react to the news of Tom's death? 
  • Comment on the idea that Tom's death was “typical”? 
  • Explain the contrast Scout draws between the court where Tom was tried and “the secret courts of men's hearts”. In what way are hearts like courts? 
  • Why did Jem not want Scout to tell Atticus about Bob Ewell's comment? Was this a wise thing to ask her to do? 
Chapter 26
  • In her lesson on Hitler, Miss Gates says that “we (American people) don't believe in persecuting anyone”. What seems odd to the reader about this claim? 
  • Why is Scout puzzled by Miss Gates' disapproval of Hitler? 
  • Why does Scout's question upset Jem? Is there a simple answer, or any answer, to the question (“How can you hate Hitler an’ then turn around an be ugly about folks right at home?”

Summarizer: What is your opinion on Scout's question to Jem about Hitler? 

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