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Wednesday, 1/6

Class Launcher: What is the best thing about living in a small town? BEST! How can your ideas about your town apply to TKAM?

Standards: ELAGSE9-10RL2; ELAGSE9-10RL3; ELAGSE9-10W1: 

EQ: How does the character development contribute to the theme of the book and move the plot forward?

Activator: How is the tone and mood of the book changing with recent events? 

Teaching and Learning Strategies: Continue to read TKAM with a focus on theme and characterization> 

Chapter Chapter 23 continued and Chapter 24 pages 231-241

Chapter Questions: 

Chapter 23 (same as yesterday)
  • What do you think of Atticus's reaction to Bob Ewell's challenge? Should he have ignored Bob, retaliated or done something else? 
  • What is “circumstantial evidence”? What has it got to do with Tom's conviction? 
  • What does Atticus tell Scout about why the jury took so long to convict Tom? 
  • Why does Aunt Alexandra accept that the Cunninghams may be good but are not “our kind of folks”? Do you think that people should mix only with others of the same social class? Are class-divisions good or bad for societies? 
  • At the end of this chapter, Jem forms a new theory about why Boo Radley has never left his house in years. What is this? How likely is it to be true, in your opinion? 
Chapter 24
  • Do you think the missionary ladies are sincere in worrying about the “Mrunas” (a tribe in Africa)? Give reasons for your answer. 
  • Compare the reactions of Miss Maudie and the other ladies when Scout says she is wearing her “britches” under her dress. 
  • What is your opinion of the Maycomb ladies, as depicted in this chapter? 
  • Explain briefly how Tom was killed. What is Atticus's explanation for Tom's attempted escape. Do you think agree with Atticus? 
  • How, in this chapter, do we see Aunt Alexandra in a new light? How does Miss Maudie support her? 

Summarizer: Opinion...why and the basis for your opinion? Should people in the US focus on help to foreign countries or their own communities? 

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