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EOPA- End of Pathway Review- Carpentry

The second round of the NOCTI EOPA will be given soon. Use these links as a study guide. 






Carpentry Study Guide:
Direction: Use the Core Curriculum and Carpentry Fundamentals textbook to find the answers.

What does OSHA mean?
What is the mission of OSHA?
What is HazCom?
What is the load capacity for a type 1AA ladder?
What is the load capacity for a type 1A ladder?
What is the load capacity for a type 1 ladder?
What is the load capacity for a type 2 ladder?
What is the load capacity for a type 3 ladder?
What are types of scaffolds?
What height should handrail systems be installed on scaffolds?
How far should a lanyard protect you from falling with a safety harness?
What are the 3 parts of a fire?
Class A fires?
Class B fires?
Class C fires?
What do power tools plug in to protect workers from electrical shock?
What are the six sets of blueprints?
What set of plans have the site plan?
What set of plans have the floor plans?
Stairways are found in which set of plans?
The HVAC plan is found in which set of plans?
What is scale on a blueprint?
Where would you find the roof plan?
Where would symbol meanings and abbreviations be found?
What are dimensions?
Architect Scale-
Compound Miter saw-
Circular saw-
Most common size of circular saw?
Reciprocating saw-
Saber saw-
Hammer drill-
Table saw-
Power actuated fastening system are used to anchor static loads to________ ________?
Sliding T-Bevel-
Try square-
Carpenter (framing) square-
Rafter angle square-
Combination square-
Spirit level-
Torpedo level-
Building level-
Claw Hammer-
Miter cut-
Plung cut-
Rabbit cut-
Dado cut-
What is hardwood used for?
What is softwood used for?
Length of 8d nail?
Length of 16d nail?
Duplex nail?
Most common size of circular saw?
Most common type of framing method?
Lowest part of a structure?
What framing member connect the floor to the foundation?
What framing member makes up the body of the floor
What is span?
What framing member breaks the span?
2 types of bridging-
What makes up the surface of the rough floor?
What size of nail is used to connect floor joist?
What size of nail is used to attach subfloor?
How many floor joist would be needed for a floor 20 ft long 16 inches on center?
How much 2x6 would be needed for the sill of a 20ft x 20ft floor?
How much plywood wood be needed for the subfloor?
How much plate material would be needed for the exterior walls?
How many studs would be needed for a 20 ft wall 16 inches on center?
Diagonal wall bracing-
What member distributes the weight above the door?
What member holds up the header?
What member is at the bottom of the rough sill?
What is a cripple stud?
What member connects a partition wall?
What member connects the corners?
What is sheathing
Gable roof-
Hip roof-
What rafter makes up a gable roof?
What is the unit run for a common rafter?
What is the unit run for a hip rafter?
What is a truss?
What are the methods for laying out rafters?
How far can ceiling joist overlap?
Georgia buggy-
When installing drywall, is the ceiling or wall installed first?
Awning window-
Double hung window-
Dutch door-
French door-
Flush door-
Bifold door-
Process for installing window and door-
Bevel siding-
Shiplap siding-
What is the process for installing siding? 
Tongue and groove siding-
 Types of stairs on page 10.1 in textbook.
 Narrow U stairs-
Geometrical stairs-
 Skirt board-
 Newel post-
 Riser height- take the height in inches and divide by 7. Take take that whole number and that your number of risers. Divide that number back into the height in inches and it will give you the riser height. Page 10.10
 Stair run- page 10.12
 The chemical reaction that occurs when concrete hardens-
 What is the square feet of a 4'x8' sheet of plywood?
 What is the hypotenuse of a floor 20'x20?




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