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1.  What natural feature did the Proclamation Line of 1763 follow?
a.  Appalachian Mountains
b.  Atlantic Ocean
c.  Mississippi River
d.  Ohio River
2.  Prior to the French and Indian War, what country controlled the land west of the Mississippi River?
a.  Great Britain
b.  France
c.  Spain
d.  The United States
3.  The term “loyalist” describes
a.  British naval officers
b.  American militia leaders
c.  Americans who supported the colonies
d.  Americans who supported Great Britain
4.  Who did not represent Georgia in the Second Continental Congress?
a.  Elijah Clarke
b.  George Walton
c.  Button Gwinnett
d.  Lyman Hall
5.  What was the end result of the Battle of Kettle Creek during the Revolutionary War?
a.  A loyalist victory
b.  A Tory victory
c.  A British victory
d.  A patriot victory
6.  At the Battle of Kettle Creek, during the Revolutionary War, why was Austin Dabney singled out by the state of Georgia?
a.  He led the victorious charge against the British
b.  He was defeated by Elijah Clarke
c.  He was the only slave to fight in the battle
d.  He provided much needed arms to the Georgians.
7.  What was the MOST significant result of the siege of Savannah?
a.  The British were pushed out of Georgia
b.  The city of Savannah remained in British hands
c.  It was the deadliest battle of the Revolutionary War
d.  It was the last major conflict of the Revolutionary War
8.  Which Georgian served as a representative to the Second Continental Congress?
a.  Henry Ellis
b.  Lyman Hall
c.  Patrick Henry
d.  James Wright
9.  Which of the following was the result of the Great Compromise?
a.  The drafting of the Articles of Confederation
b.  The ratification of the Georgia Constitution
c.  The formation of an upper and lower house of Congress
d.  War with Native Americans
10.  How were enslaved people counted in the U.S. Constitution?
a.  Only enslaved males were counted
b.  Three-fifths of all enslaved people were counted
c.  Enslaved people were not counted toward representation
d.  Slavery was made illegal
11.  Who were Georgia’s representatives at the Constitutional Convention of 1787?
a.  George Washington and Abraham Baldwin
b.  William Few and Austin Dabney
c.  William Few and Abraham Baldwin
d.  Austin Dabney and Abraham Baldwin
12.  Why did the federal government experience financial problems while under the Articles of Confederation?
a.  Congress lacked the power to tax U.S. citizens
b.  It did not give states adequate taxing power
c.  The president and Congress stole federal money
d.  The U.S. did not have adequate natural resources to generate money
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