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1.  What was at stake in the Battle of Chickamauga?
a.  Access to ammunition
b.  Control of the railroad center in nearby Chattanooga
c.  The fate of Washington, D.C.
d.  Access to the port city of Savannah
2.  Which Civil War battle is described by the phrases below?
  • Confederate forces won
  • Fought over a railroad
  • Took place over 3 days in Sept. 1863
a.  Gettysburg
b.  Antietam
c.  Chattanooga
d.  Chickamauga
3.  What did General Sherman do to destroy the resources of the South?
a.  he blockaded the ports
b.  he imposed a curfew
c.  he launched the March to the Sea
d.  he closed the churches
4.  Why did General Sherman burn Atlanta and destroy everything in his path on the March to the Sea?
a.  His armies were large and they needed all of the resources they found
b.  He couldn’t control his armies anymore
c.  He was ordered to by President Lincoln
d.  he wanted to destroy the resources of the South
5.   Which of the ideas below did the Radical Republicans believe in?
a.  Leniency for former Confederate soldiers
b.  More freedoms for African Americans
c.  Slowing down Reconstruction
d.  Preventing African Americans from holding office
6.  How were landowners compensated by sharecroppers?
a.  Sharecroppers collected rent from landowners
b.  Sharecroppers let landowners use their equipment
c.  Sharecroppers and landowners worked for no profit
d.  Sharecroppers paid a portion of their profits
7.  After what battle was the Emancipation Proclamation issued?
a.  Vicksburg
b.  Gettysburg
c.  Bull Run
d.  Antietam
8.  Why was President Lincoln’s Reconstruction plan not enacted?
a.  The plan was too easy on the South
b.  The Wade-Davis bill took its place
c.  The plan did not have the support of the states
d.  The plan did not become effective before Lincoln was assassinated
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