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1.  One of the most important New Deal programs was the Social Security Act of 1935. What was the purpose of this program?
A.  to create a system to save the banks
B.  to give unemployment insurance to those who lost jobs 
C.  to strengthen the value of the dollar with a gold standard 
D.  to reduce stock market abuses like those that led to the 1929 crash
2.  How did the federal New Deal programs of the 1930s have a lasting effect on the Georgia economy?
A.  Roads, public buildings, and other facilities were constructed using federal money.
B.  Georgia's citizens were provided with federal income tax relief. 
C.  The federal government provided money to attract new industries to Georgia. 
D.  The federal minimum wage was repealed, allowing wages to respond to supply and demand. 
3.  Which statement BEST explains William B. Hartsfield’s importance to aviation in Georgia?
a.  William Hartsfield enjoyed riding on planes
b.  William Hartsfield was the father of aviation in Georgia
c.  William Hartsfield was afraid to fly
d.  William Hartsfield worked to make planes safer
4.  Which was a reason Georgians could move from an agriculture economy to an industrialized economy after World War II?
a.   Landowners encouraged tenant farmers to leave the land. 
b.   The land was needed for more houses and stores for returning veterans. 
c.    Cotton was no longer needed since many Americans wore synthetic fabrics. 
d.    Fewer farm workers were needed because of improvements in farm technology
5.  During World War II, Georgia farmers experienced much prosperity. After the war, the demand for agricultural products, decreased and many left their farms for opportunities in the cities. How did the mechanization of farming further contribute to the migration from rural areas?
a.   Machinery was too expensive to buy. 
b.  Sharecropper labor was no longer needed. 
c.   Farmers were able to produce more crops in less time. 
d.   Cotton crops became the predominate agricultural export.
6.  After World War II in the United States, which of these trends contributed to the growth of Georgia?
a.   a loss of confidence in exploring new scientific methods 
b.  a rapid increase in technological and industrial development 
c.  a renewed focus on the importance of farming and agriculture 
d.   a turning away from cooperation between business and government 
7.  Who was the mayor of Atlanta responsible for bringing professional athletic teams to the city?
a.  Ivan Allen
b.  William Hartsfield
c.  Maynard Jackson
d.  Lester Maddox
8.  What brought about change in the way children are educated in the U.S.?
a.  GA changing its flag in 1956
b.  Rosa Park’s refusal to give up her seat
c.  Brown v. Board of Education decision
d.  Martin Luther King, Jr.’s bus boycott
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