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Great Apps for Math

Listed are a few:
 Splash Math: This is my most favorite! I have the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd grade apps. They are more spendy, but they cover the standards and the kids love it! It's organized by skill, so I can have students practice exactly what I want. I think it's great test practice with it's multiple choice format. It even has a built-in scratch paper feature. Twice a week I get 30 iPads during math. If a student finishes their work early I usually have them go on this app to practice our targeted skill. If I don't have the iPad lab I will sometimes just project the app and have the kids take turns.

Math Bingo: This app lets students practice their math facts in a Bingo game. I like how you can choose the operation and the level of difficulty. How adorable are those little creatures?!?

Aaah! Math Zombies: I remember randomly finding this app and having my husband try it out. I knew if he was entertained by it, my students would love it! And they do :-) It's another fun way to practice math facts.


Math Ninja: This is another themed math fact app that my students just love to play! You can customize which operations are turned on and the level of difficulty. When you answer math facts correctly, you earn money to upgrade your ninja.
Hungry Fish: In this app a fish swims around with a number on it. Students have to make the number in order to feed the fish and make it grow bigger. For example, in the addition level, the fish might have the number 6 on it. You could combine 4 and 2, a 5 and 1, or two 3s in order to make a 6 for the fish to eat. You can change the difficulty and have larger numbers on the fish. I had one student last year that was mildly obsessed with this game. I was always entertained to watch him play because he would say, "Num, num, num!" every time the fish ate.
Math Regrouping: This is my favorite addition and subtraction regrouping app! I had my students use this today to practice their 2 and 3-digit subtraction. It gives them a problem and lets them write in red to show their work. Then they can select their answer from the dinosaurs below. After the quiz (you can set how many questions long it is) it shows them their percentage. My students were so proud of themselves and kept calling me over to show off their 100%s.

 Top-It: I have both the addition and subtraction Top-It apps. I enjoy that this app is designed for two players. They each get dealt two cards and either add or subtract the numbers (depending on the app). Then they compare their numbers. Two skills in one game!

Mathmateer: This used to be called Rocket Math. Students earn money by solving math facts. Then they use their money to design a rocket. Then they get to launch their rocket and use math to get it to fly higher.
Sushi Monster: I've only recently discovered this app. Like Hungry Fish, students have a target number that they have to make. I like both apps because students get to practice their math facts a different way. Instead of drilling 4 + 8, they focus on different ways to make 12.
Montessori Place Value:  This app really helped my students understand place value. It also led right into expanded form. It's a fairly simple app, but the visuals made a difference for my struggling students.

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