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Make a 3-D Shoe


Materials Needed:


Template printed on cardstock paper





Hole punch-hand held

Markers/Colored Pencils/Crayons

Extra cardstock/poster board/card board for insole

18 inch to 20 inch piece of yarn or string for laces  


Let's make a 3-D paper shoe

Print the shoe template below on to cardstock.

(copy and paste in word document. Enlarge and print.)

Then decorate the pieces with any pattern or picture you like.


After decorating all pieces cut out each piece along the outside of the black line.

Using a hole punch, punch the eyelets out of each side for laces.

Score each top to each tab to make it easier to fold.

Scoring is making a groove into the surface of the paper so it will bend easier.

To score just draw a line with a pencil at the top of each tab, pressing hard.


Fold each tab so that they act like feet.


Making the insole.

Place the decorated sole piece on top of a heavy piece of paper such as poster board,

card board or even another piece of cardstock.

Trace around the sole and place a mark (such as your name) on the top to make

sure you attach your shoe pieces to the right side.



Attach toe to strip.

The tabs of the toe piece will be glued and taped along the back of the strip, making sure to

match the top of the toe to the straight edge.

You will need glue and some type of tape. It is best to pull off small pieces of tape and

attach them at one end of the tape to the table for easy pick up.

Start with one of the center toe tabs. Place a dot of glue onto the front and tape on the back.

Attach the tab to the back of the strip.


Turn both pieces over to see the back. Make sure tape is secure.


Flip up next tab, place glue and curl the toe piece to attach with tape.

As you go tab by tab, the strip will curl .

Continue steps until all tabs have been glued and taped onto the back of the strip.



Your finished toe piece should look like this.

The strip should stick out a little on both sides.


Attach the toe section to the insole.

Flip the toe piece over so that the tabs are in the air.

You will put a piece of tap on the front of the tab and the glue dot on the inside of the tab.

Center the front of the insole to be in the center of the toe pieces.

You will need to hold the insole under the bottom (your mark or name should be showing on the top).

Bring the tab over onto the insole and tape down on the top.


Repeat for each tab.

As you are gluing and taping down the tabs from the toe piece, make sure you are pushing the toe piece

strip next to the insole so it fits tight against it.


If needed, use extra tape to hold down all tabs.

  Your insole should look like a slipper.


Attaching the sides of the shoe.

Put some tape on the table for easy acess.

Take your shoe sides and curl them so that it will be easier to attaach.


You will follow the same steps for attaching the sides as you did for the toe piece.

Tape on the outside of the tab and glue on the inside.

When you start- begin with the center tab at the retangle that makes the center back.



Continue around gluing and taping the tabs to the bottom of the insole.

Press the side piece up close to the insole as you work.

It is ok that the sides overlap the toe piece a little.




Attach the sole.

Make sure that the sole matches the insole.

Place glue all over the sole and flip over to glue down to cover the taped insole.




Attach the tongue.

You may either tape the tongue to the insole up against the toe pieces or you may tape the tongue

to the bottom of the toe piece.


Using a piece of string, lace up the shoe and tie a big bow.


You can use your 3-D shoe as a sculputure or you can use it to hold things.

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