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Focus of the Week-Multiplication


Please continue to work on the multiplication facts at home. The students are working on Reflex Math and are working really hard to memorize them. Continue using the videos, songs, and strategies they've learned.


3.OA.4-Determine the unknown whole number in a multiplication or division equation relating three whole numbers.

3.OA.5-Apply properties of operations as strategies to multiply and divide.

3.OA.7-Fluently multiply and divide within 100, using strategies such as the relationship between multiplication and division or properties of operations.

3.OA.9-Identify arithmetic patterns and explain them using properties of operations



multiple-result of multiplying a number by another number that is not a fraction

product-quantity resulting from multiplying two or more numbers together

array-set of numbers or objects that follow a specific pattern

commutative property- (2 X 3= 3 X 2)

distribute- 12 X 3 = (10 X 3) + (2 X 3), the 3 is the multiplier for each part of the decomposition

divide, division-partitioning a total into equal groups to show how many equal groups add up to a specific number

equal groups-with reference to multiplication and division; one factor is the number of objects in a group and the other is a multiplier that indicates the number of groups

equation-statement that two expressions are equal

even number-whole number whose last digit is 0, 2, 4, 6, or 8

expression-a number, or any combination of sums, differences, products, or divisions of numbers that evaluates to a number

factors-numbers that are multiplied to obtain a product

multiply, multiplication-an operation showing how many times a number is added to itself

number bond-model used to show part-part-whole relationships

number sentence-an equation or inequality for which both expressions are numerical and can be evaluated to a single number

odd number-number that is not even

ones, twos, threes,etc- units of one, two, or three

parentheses- the symbols ( ) used around a fact or numbers within an equation, expression, or number sentence

quotient-the answer when one number is divided by another 

row, column-in reference to rectangular arrays

tape diagram-a method for modeling problems

unit-one segment of a partitioned tape diagram

unknown-the "missing" factor or quantity in multiplication or division

value- how much


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