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An Introduction



In our site you will discover facts about our planet, its complex patterns of biomes, plants, and animals, and how climates ultimately determine the biomes of our Earth.

This site was created to teach students the power of the Internet as a tool for both communication and learning, and how to use this tool while at the same time express their scientific/environmental knowledge in a fun way.

Students have individually researched different attributes of major climate regions (biomes). Topics covered include the various animals and plants of these regions, the climates, and other specific biome characteristics. Our hope is that this site will be up-dated, changed and improved by each succeeding 6th grade class for many years.

The West Tisbury School is a K-8 school located on Martha's Vineyard, an island approximately 6 miles off the south coast of Massachusetts. It is part of the Up-Island Regional School District that is presently composed of the towns of Aquinnah, Chilmark & West Tisbury.

This site was created and developed by Elisabeth Benders-Hyde. It evolved from a biome project created by Ann and Karl Nelson, two fabulous 6th grade math and science teachers.


Table of Contents


If you would like to know more about our school, please visit us at: http://www.wtisburyschool.org/, or take a look at all our island schools at: http://www.mv.k12.ma.us/

Last updated 09/23/2010

Our Planet
World Biomes



All the information on this site produced by students
at the West Tisbury Elementary School.
Site provide at no charge to the school by Brynn Schaffner.

All commercial rights reserved. © Brynn Schaffner 2010

If you have any problems with this site or would like to comment on it, please contact us at: bschaffner@islanderis.net




Game Time


Try a game of flash cards, concentration, matching, and word search while learning about the biomes.






Can you match to the correct biome?

Biomes Matching Game


  1. a. Tropical Desert
  2. b. Tundra
  3. c. Chaparral
  4. d. Tropical Rain Forest
  5. e. Estuaries
  6. f. Taiga
  7. g. Freshwater Lakes
  8. h. Coral Reefs
  9. i. Temperate deciduous forest
  10. j. Savanna
  11. k. Mountains
  12. l. Prairie
  13. m. Open Ocean
  14. n. Intertidal Zone


  1. 1. Conserves energy in winter by loosing foliage
  2. 2. Little nutrients are held in the soil (because their in the biomass)
  3. 3. Salty and Fresh!
  4. 4. Polar grassland with permafrost
  5. 5. Tropical grassland
  6.   6.  Temperate Grassland
  7. 7. Epilimnion, Thermocline, Hypolimnion
  8. 8. 2nd most diverse biome
  9.    9. Hang on, Run, Fly or Burrow
  10.    10. Semi-arid and shrubby, SE California
  11. 11.  Largest land-biome (post human invasion)
  12.    12.  Largest daily temperature change, lots of dunes
  13.  13. Source Zones found here
  14. 14. Euphotic,Bathal, and Abyssal zones




1 l

2 d

3 j

4 b

5 c

6 k

7 g

8 h

9 a

10 e

11 m

12 f

13 n

14 i


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