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Unit 12/15/14

Unit Plan

Title – Team Sports

Topics – Competency, Rules and Strategies, Etiquette and Safety, Elements, Training and Conditioning, Influence of Participation

Activities:  Volleyball, Basketball, Wiffleball, Tennis, Badminton, Flag Football, Softball, Pickle ball, Battle ball 
(note:  activities may vary due to space and equipment)

Time Frame:  one semester

Author:  Levi Wigley

In this unit, students will study various team sports activities.  They will demonstrate competency and consistency in skills of various sports as well as demonstrate knowledge of safety and care of equipment as it relates to the different sports covered.  Students will learn training and conditioning appropriate for the various sports.  Students will also learn essential elements of strategy for various sports as well as the influence of participation on cultural, ethnic, and gender diversity.  Due to the nature of the course, students will work predominately in groups as teams.  At the end of each team sport activity, students will be observed and evaluated using a rubric to determine skill level and knowledge gained.  A selected response exam will be given at the end of the semester. 


Stage 1:  Desired Results
Established Goals (Standards)





Stage 2:  Assessment Evidence


Note:  While groups are assessed and given feedback on their performance as a team, no grades are given to individuals based on team performance.  Individual student grades are based on the individual’s performance.  


Stage 3
Instructional Plans

The team sports covered are:  volleyball, basketball, wiffleball, tennis, badminton, battle ball, pickle ball, softball, and flag football.  (Activities may vary depending on space and equipment available.)  The following outline will be repeated for each of the selected sports.  The underlined term will be replaced with the current team sport being covered.


OBJECTIVE 1st , 2nd, 3rd DAY
The student will learn the rules and basic skill of flag football by participating in and discussing the rules.
1. Warm up and flex
2. One lap on the track
3. Discuss conditioning appropriate for flag football
4. Passing/catching drills
5. Discussion of the game
6. Discuss rules, impact of participation, safety, and equipment care
1. Ask questions
2. Observation of the activity and provide verbal feedback for improvement
3. Drills

OBJECTIVE 3rd , 4th, 5th DAY
The student will demonstrate knowledge and basic skills of flag football while participating in an organized game.
1. 10 min. warm up and flex
2. One lap on the track    
3. Discussion and review the rules, safety, and equipment
4. Divide into teams
5. Game play
1. Ask questions
2. Observation of activity and provide verbal feedback for improvement of strategy
3. Drills

OBJECTIVE 6th and 7th DAY
Tournament Play participating and showing skills in flag football
1. Warm up and flex
2. Game Play
1.  Ask questions
2.  Observation of activity and provide verbal feedback (only at end of game)

EVALUATION (using a rubric)
1. Observation of knowledge of the game
2. Observation of the skills and strategies used
3. Observe safety and care of equipment
4. Observe sportsmanship and team interaction

*Repeat rotation for other sports covering approximately 9 sports within a semester. 

**A written exam will be given at the end of the semester covering all team sports learned within the semester.  

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