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4th Grade  

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  • Christmas Break Activities

    Being home for Christmas break doesn't mean we have to lay around inside and play video games or watch TV all day! Stay active and move around as much as possible! Parents/guardians include yourselves in these fun activities as well! Remember to dress warm!

    If it snows:

    • Build a snow man
    • Play snow dodgeball (Remember no headshots)
    • Play snow soccer or football
    • Make snow angels

    Outdoor Winter Activities

    • Help out with indoor and outdoor chores (rake the sidewalk/yard/driveway)
    • Take a Christmas decoration hike with your parent/guardian (neighborhood walk to look at decorations)
    • Create an exercise routine (Circuit workout)
    • Practice your push-up and sit-up technique/form!
    • Jog/run outside!
    • Go for a walk!
    • Make a scavenger hunt and have friends join in!




  • Welcome to PE!

    Welcome back to VWES PE! We are excited to begin the 2014/15 school year here in PE! Our first full week back at school we will be learning our Gym rules & procedures. We will learn how to form our warmup/stretching lines and perform our daily warmup exercises. We will stretch and warmup our bodies everyday before beginning the daily actvity. We warm up in an effort to prevent injury during and after physical activity. This week's activity if time allows will be introduction to Dodgeball! Skills used: running, throwing, jumping, evading, and catching!

    Week 1!

    1) Form our stretching lines

    2) Learn to properly stretch

    3) Walk/Jog/Run on the outdoor track (Cardiovascular warm up)

    4) If we have time at the end of class we will learn Dodgeball rules and play!

  • Week 2


    Week 2

    This week we will begin our Volleyball unit! Students will learn the basic rules, motor skills used, and techniques in playing a game of volleyball. We will begin the unit by introducing the serve, bump, and set movements used in the game of Volleyball. Students will practice each type of volleyball hits/movements. When students have effectively performed the movements we will begin playing cooperative/competitive games during class.

    Standards used:

    Standard 1: Demonstrates competency in motor skills and patterns needed to perform a variety of activities.

    Standard 2: Demonstrates understanding of movement concepts, principles, strategies, and tactics as they apply to the learning and performance of physical activities.

    Standard 3: Participates regularly in physical activity.

    Standard 5: Exhibits responsible personal and social behavior that respects self and others in physical activity.

  • Bug Tag

    Bug Tag: We will use cones to create a boundary on the gym floor. Teacher will choose 3-5 "Bug Catchers" to be taggers. Bug Catchers will wear pinnies (net jerseys) and have one soft foam ball each. All other students "Bugs" will spread out in the playing area. When the coach says GO, the "Bug Catchers" try to tag the other students gently. If a student is tagged, he/she sits on their bottom until the game is complete. Each game will have new Bug Catchers.

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