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-- GSE Precalculus Foundations  

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This course is a recent redesign of the original and implemented in week 4.  It was discovered through much study and work that many students in the class lacked knowledge and skills that were needed prior to placement in the class.  Based upon the needs of the students, a modified course plan was designed.  This plan reaches back and lays a clear foundation through careful teaching, review, and custom student exercises.  The lesson schedule and notes are available in the documents folder.  It is the teacher's hope to complete all major gaps by the end of first semester and start with capstone content after Christmas break.

  • Week 17 Report

    We continued our study of Trig including learning the unit circle.  Due to the school closings I have adjusted my plans.  You can learn more by going to Week 17 and Week 18 lesson plans and looking through the Trig Functions Unit folder.  I encourage each student to review notes, watch videos, and complete assignments.

  • Week 16 Report

    We have begun a new unit on Trigonometry.  It is hoped the training and opportunities given students will translate into better preparation for upper level math learning.

  • Week 15 Report

    We finished our unit on Functions.  This means that all missing gaps have been directly or indirectly addressed for your child.  Upon our return we should be able to proceed with an instructional plan that will help your child be successful in a tech school, college algebra or in the work place.  I am very thankful to have the opportunity to serve as the math teacher for your child.  May God bless you with a bountiful Thanksgiving holiday week.

  • Week 14 Report

    We have been studying Polynomial and Rational Functions.  I have use our previous work as a foundation for these topics.  Students understand this way of teaching better.  Also this week I have implemented Guided Practice after we are done with the lesson.  Students say doing a few more problems in class from the assignment helps them.  At some point students should make the connection with good notetaking, paying focused attention and then completing assignments on their own.  We are not there yet but maybe this can be our train to that study skill location.  

    We are finishing our Function Review unit with a test on Friday.  Students should be working this week at taking good notes and finishing assignment work. Please view the files folders at right.

  • Week 13 Report

    We are studying linear and quadratic functions.  I will be working on making this page better useful for parents and students.  I hope to start loading my weekly lesson plans online so parents know what we are doing each day.

  • End of Week 12 Report

    I am very proud of the progress many students have made in math.  It has been our purpose in building a solid foundation of math competance in order to move into more advanced topics.  We completed the last of our Algebra on Friday and many experienced success on the exam.  I do believe real learning and forward progress is being made.  We will begin our final review unit on Functions this week.  We will use what we have learned and make forward progress.  Doing the assignments completely and on time will be one focus.

  • End of Week 11 Report

    We are moving forward in filling in gaps.  Our unit on Algebra will be over next week.  We took a quiz on Quadratic Equations this week.  Our focus item next week will be completing all assigned problems.  Your asking about this will support the quality effort being made to help your young scholar.  Please view the folders on this page.  I will be adding more content this week.  If your child needs additional support please have them come for tutoring.  Thank you for this opportunity to help your child get a good math education.

  • End of Week 9 and 10

    We have completed our study of basic Algebra and will begin the second part of our unit after break.  The students have been telling me the review plan is helping them.  After some additional review weeks we will return to the standards in our study.  Parents, please support work and study at home.  This will be key in the next few weeks.  Thank you.

  • End of Week 8 Report

    We worked on the Binomial Theorem and working equations on our Algebra Unit.  We are meeting needs of students.  This week we will continue our study and work on good use of classroom time.  Some character training will be done.

  • End of Week 7 Report

    We had a good homecoming. We have been able to get off to a good start in our Algebra review.  We will have a test on Numbers on Tuesday next week.  To do well on this exam, students should complete all assignments on Number.  It is best to rework any missed problem.  I have assigned work, graded work, gone over work, and returned work for students to review.  We spent a good amount of time on factoring which was a weakness.  Also I gave a timed fluency test.  Althrough I was gracious with the grading, students know now that they are responsible for knowing the basics well.  Overall forward progress is happening.  I am continuing to address distractions and students who disturb the learning of others.  Urge your child to do the proper study.  I look forward to our next report.

  • End of Week 6 Report

    We completed our comprehensive review of Number concepts.  Several special prepared assignments have been given to help students.  On Friday we worked in groups and that was very effective.  Working problems completely and accurate is the best way to learn the material.  The next week will begin a review of Algebra concepts.  I believe we are addressing issues.  I also know some students report they are learning.  I urge all to keep a positive attitude take advantage of this good opportunity.  We will have a quiz on Friday.  Hope to see all at the game on Friday!

  • End of Week 5 Report

    So far so good.  Our recent exam on Friday was a success.  This is something to build upon.  I would like to see us continue to work through missing content and focus on work that will build mastery skill as well.  That is the nature of math.  We will be moving past Number and into Algebra soon.  Parents, it is imperitive that you help your child put in at least 30 minutes of study in this class.  They can watch instructional videos, redo missed problems, read the textbook or review notes.  See the Assignments for Video links. A lack of study has contributed to the present deficiencies as a whole and I want to see us move past that problem.  Thank you for your support.  Also if you child scored below an 80 on our last test they need to complete my computational video and study plan.

  • End of Week 4 Report

    After study and discussions with students, teachers, administrators, and parents, a change was made this past Thursday.  The orginal course was redesigned to fill in large gaps in student content and to help train students in effective learning practices in a math class.  I do not want to waste time answering why students lack math knowledge and skill but I do want to address it in an effective manner.  Students need to understand they will be held to higher standards on listening, note taking, classwork, homework, and quiz and test performance.  Parents, I will need your support in helping achieve a proper class environment and support at home for study.  You should notice some change in a few weeks.  You should also notice some changes in grades.  Please email me any questions or concerns.  Also please look at my files for helpful information.

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