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-- AP Calculus  

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This will be a new rework of AP Calc at RHS.  We will study limits, the derivative and integral calculus.  Many applications will be implemented.  Interesting videos and class demonstrations will be used to engage students and enrich this course.

It is my expectation that engaged students completing this course will be able to take the AP Exam and score 3 or above.  This equates to college credit for most Georgia Universities' first calculus class.  That benefit will make good use of the students high school time and empower them to accelerate in needed college math courses.

  • Week 17 Report

    We are working through curve sketching.  The students had a quiz on Friday but I changed that into a take home quiz found in the Tuesday folder.  If you want to know what the plans are for the class each week look in my weekly plans folder at right.

  • Week16 Report

    We have been working on a unit about applications of derivatives.  This is important to develop thinking abilities with students.  Next week students will present an example to the class using what they have learned so far.  Regular study is encouraged.

  • Week 15 Report

    We have been working on a unit about Applications of the Derivative.  We will finish this when we get back.  May God bless you and your family this week as we celebrate Thanksgiving.  Thank you for the opportunity to serve as the AP Calc teacher for your son or daughter.

  • End of Week 14

    We have been studying the analysis of graphs.  This uses all our previous math knowledge in high school and brings our understanding to a deeper level.  One purpose of this unit is to develop critical thinking skills about functions just by looking at the algebra.  One very important application of this unit is finding maximum and minimum answers to such things like max gas mileage in a car or minimum maintenance costs for vehicle ownership.  Knowing the power and torgue curves of your car can give you a good sense of how to use engine operation effectively.

    At the end of this week we took a retest on Chapter 2.  Most students did better.  Even though the AP procedures go against this practice I hoped the lessons learned by taking time to study will be used in future exams.  Students should try to improve preparation in the future.  I trust they will.

  • End of Week 13

    We started a new unit on Applications of the Derivative.  We will be working on this unit up to Thanksgiving.

  • End of Week 12 Report

    We will begin a new unit Monday on analyzing functions and graphs, by moving into deeper concepts in mathematics.  Students that experienced difficulty on the last unit are urged to review the content and the exam questions.  I will do my best to provide an opportunity for students to demonstrate knowledge and to improve that grade by the end of next week.  I will be making small adjustments in the instructional approach to encourage meaningful learning this week.  Regular study times for this course are greatly encouraged.  Attendance at the Wednesday morning tutoring times that are dedicated to the class are recommended.  Thank you, parents for asking about these matters.

  • End of Week 11 Report

    We had a good week.  Our focus has been implicit differentiation. We applied what we learned to related rate problems.  We did an experiment with ripples in water (thank you Victor and Dayton) and a visualization of the last space shuttle launch.  Students did great on the quiz this week.  We are moving forward with some momentum!  Remember decicated tutoring for the calculus students each Wednesday morning.  Thank you parents!

  • End of Week 9 and 10

    We have come to a good stopping point.  The quiz I mentioned in the email has been taken and recorded.  I hope all has a good break.  Please facilitate good study habits with your child when we get back.  Positive things are happening and I anticipate more in the weeks ahead.

  • End of Week 8 Report

    We are moving forward with our study of the derivative.  We had a quiz on Friday.  Students completed an Individual Study Plan and turned it in on Friday.  Next week, I hope to review grades with students, go over their plan and complete our study of chapter two.

  • End of Week 7 Report

    We have been studying derivatives.  Starting Monday we will get back to regular lesson presentations and classwork.  Students have had proper time to get into a study routine and learn how to use the resources.  Also I am requiring each student to come up with a study plan for gaps in previous math.  View the precalc review folder.  Parents, please ask about this class each day this week.  Thank you so much for your needed support.

  • End of Week 6 Report

    We completed out whole class intervention series of lessons.  We did miss some time due to the storm but I believe we made a dent.  Now students that remain behind are asked to complete a student study plan.  I will try to help students with this and hopefully all students who need this will have their plan in hand by the end of week 8.  Right now we will get back on our regular studies beginning with chapter two on derivitives. We will have a hw grade and quiz this week. Parents please see the material to the right on lesson 2.1. There is plenty of resources to help the student learn.  It is still true You can lead a horse to water but you can not make them drink.  With your direct and firm support we can make the student thirsty. Much time and effort has been put into working with the student and understanding their mindset.  Time to get busy and work!

  • End of Week 5 Report

    We had our exam on Limits and the grades have been recorded.  I am taking time to evaluate the progress of the course and communicate what I believe is the best course of action.  That will be posted here.  Also, it would be a good time for students to download the free Precalculus textbook in the resource section.  In addition I would watch my video training on the graphing calculator.  That link can be found in the assignment section. Please come back to this page for an update over the storm closing time.  Thank you.

  • End of Week 4 Report

    This week we continued our study of limits.  We had a quiz and completed some classwork.  A new homework tool, CalcChat was given to students that provides support for assignments.  Another tool, CalcView provides video help on assignments.  These were demonstrated in class and students placed the app on their iPads.  We will finish our study of limits next week with our first test on Friday.  I want to encourage each student to work at understanding the lessons, reading the book, using the tools, and completing the assignments without taking shortcuts.

  • End of Week 3 Report

    We have begun the study of limits. I also addressed the concern students had over the last test.  The poor performance is mainly due to a lack of study and dedication to seeking answers.I have decided to allow a retest on Chapter P test, but I can not take up classtime on retesting.  Student can come by before school, after school, or during 1st lunch and take care of this.  Retesting is due by Friday of week 4.I have been asked to work this week to fill in missing math gaps.  This will begin Monday and I hope to complete this by the end of the week so we can get back to AP Calculus.  To help with this I have obtained a free Precalc text for students.  This can be found in the Precalculus Resources.I believe Week 4 can be very beneficial.  I also expect much better attention and engagement by the students.  Parents who pay for the education would not be happy to know students are not giving their personal best.  You and I expect no less.  I anticipate forward progress.

  • End of Week 2 Report

    We were able to work through the review material.  After grading the test a report was made about the scores.  The average of the class is about 65.  This is not good since this was over material students were to learn prior to taking the class.  It is my judgement that students work harder, and talk less during our classtime.  Having been in their shoes myself, I do know what it takes to be successrul.  Many will want me to compromise on my standards, reteach last years material, and lower quality instruction in this course.  I oppose that mindset with every fiber in my being.  Having taught college for over 6 years, it is my firm conviction this mindset is the major reason students fail out quickly from any serious math course.  My advice work hard.  I am doing and will do all I can for each student.  The test grade was changed to a quiz grade and abundant information is available on this page for students.  They must seek it.

  • Test on Friday

    We will have a test on Friday.  This is over preliminary information that students are supposed to know.  I did some teaching on the material and gave assignment work.  Students had access to the assignment work answers.  They also have a well-written textbook to read over with examples.  For this first test I gave a quiz today over problems they will likely see on the test.  Students took a good amount of time to do these problems indicating the study happens are in early formation.  I posted the answers.  It would be most wise to work these problems.  Welcome to calculus.

  • End of Week 1

    We had a profitable week.  Introductions of students and teacher were made.  We introduced the course.  Students were issued their textbooks.  We underwent some training on the TI Graphing Calculator on Friday.I want to commend the class for providing a comprehensive review of what they know and not know from the high school math curriculum.  It is my plan to make this document avaiable to parents.  I also plan to address each item by the end of this semester.  Fitting it in rather than taking two weeks of review will be the wiser course of action.

  • This Homepage

    I am working on this course homepage.  It will be completed by Open House on Monday.

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