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This class complete the fourth State of Georgia math course.  Even though there are standards for the course the teacher is expected to tailor the class to the needs of the students.  This has been done once and will be reviewed and revised as needed.  You can look at the lesson schedule document to see what is planned for this week and upcoming weeks ahead.  It is my aim to make this class relevant and address the needs of those students under my care and your trust.

  • Week 16 Report

    We have been working on what it means to buy, insure and own a car.  Students are learning valuable lessons about this important financial responsibility.

  • Week 15 Report

    We have continued our study and are learning about Compound Interest.  This is very important because Social Security may not be for the next generation as it is now.  Knowing about the growth of money and opportunties for saving are crucial ideas.  I hope to focus on that when we come back.  Sometimes students ask if college really pays off.  I have done some research and placed a document on my page for you to read.  Here is a link.  May God bless you with a heart-warming Thanksgiving holiday.

  • Week 14 Report

    We continued our study of personal finances and have been working with simple interest.

  • Week 13 Report

    We began a new unit on personal finances.  I also gave students an opportunity to improve a low grade.  Right now we are talking about Income Taxes.  Later we will talk about Credit Cards, Car loans and other matters.  I am trying to make this information as real and relevant as possible.  I also am using high quality curriculum.  If the students do the reading and the problems they will obtain the training they need to make good decisions soon in life.  That is my job with the math.  If the student took the career planning and character training to heart at the start of the class, solid forward progress is possible.  Please keep checking grades and remind our senior to keep reading and working assignment problems.  I can not think of better use of class time.

    We had our secone Military man talk about careers, the military and life lessons to the class.  Both were good presentations.  The military is welcomed and honored in my classroom.

  • End of Week 12 Report

    We finished our unit on Probability and have begun a new unit on Personal Finances.  It is my intention to provide clear and meaningful lessons to help each student better understand how to handle money in their lives.  Important content, good examples, and meaningful assignment work is planned.  Also, last week students were given the opportunity to work on assignments to improve grades.  Many took advantage of this opportunity and I am happy to provide it!

  • End of Week 11 Report

    We have finished a unit on probability.  Students have done a good job on knowing how to figure out probability problems.  We had a quiz at the end of the week and based upon student input I am making it count as a test.  Students who are behind or missing assignments will be given opportunitiy to improve.  They will have to work for it and at the same time develop good character.  On Thursday, we had a Marine talk about the real world of college and being ready and funded for the next steps.  This was good motivation to work on plans now.  Remember tutoring is available for students.  Thank you parents.

  • End of Week 9 and 10

    We are moving forward.  Students that have not carried through with responsibilities for assignment work and test preparation will be given opportunities in the next couple weeks to improve their grade.  I do not do "grade bail-outs" but I do facilitate "grade dig-outs".  Thank you.

  • End of Week 8 Report

    We worked on Readability this week.  Students had a unit test on Friday.  Students who did poorly will be given an opportunity to "dig out" from a poor grade.  As I work with students, a goal is to come to class ready to work, not waste time, and complete assignments on time and correct the first time.  That is a life-skill that will tranlate outside of school.  I am proud of all student who took the assignments to heart this week.

  • End of Week 7 Report

    We had a short week of homecoming.  Students are working assignments on the topic of weighted averages.  I hoped to get all students to review their grades.

  • End of Week 6 Report

    We continue to study our unit on number.  Our topics include weighted average, Quarterback Ratings, and TV screen ratios.  Students who are behind are urged to get their access to grades and to work to improve their grade.

  • End of Week 5 Report

    We completed our first major exam over number analysis.  The performance is a bit mixed.  It is my plan, to take time during the storm closure to reevaluate our course plan and communicate my findings.  Students should be spending time reviewing their career plans by using my handout on Careers in the resource section.  Look for an update in this section soon.

  • End of Week 4 Report

    We completed several assignments related to number.  Students made presentations to the class on how they would spend one million dollars.  I throught these presentations went well.  The grades have been updated and I encourage students to keep up with them.

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