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-- GSE Precalculus Capstone  

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This class completes high school study of Mathematics.  The goal is to help the student be ready to walk into a AP Calc or AP Stat or other Advanced Math/college course and be successful.  This is the capstone to all previous study in Number and Quanity, Algebra, Functions, Geometry, and Probability and Statistics.

Our study will include trigonometry, deeper study of functions, complete work of logarithms and become a more skilled mathematician.  See the syllabus for more detail.

  • End of Week 11 Report

    We had a great week!  We applied our study of trigonometry to several fields of study.  The students presented a problem to the class including explaining the math and arriving at the correct solution.  Our next, and last study of trig will be identities and making application.  Students are working well together and growning.  You should be proud of the "inner mathematician" that is coming out in your child.

  • End of Week 9 and 10

    We had a productive period of working with Trigonometry and Triangles.  The grades have been updated.  Parents, I want you to know I am very proud of your child and the tremendous group of students I am working with.  We should do outstanding things as we progress this school year.

  • End of Week 8 Report

    This week we finished our unit on Trig functions.  We did some review and conducted some classroom demonstrations.  We had an exam on Friday.  Next week we will study Trig Identities.

  • End of Week 7 Report

    Homecoming went well!  Several students participated and you can see pictures in the image gallery.  We finished up our study of unit 2 on Trig Functions.  I am proud of our class taking on a word problem and presenting it to the class.  They have been working on their own in a group of two and have taken on the role of teacher.  Very good.  We will do some enrichment this week, review and take another comprehensive exam on Friday.  To be successful students need to review their notes frequently, complete all assigned hw problems, rework any missed problem and complete any review assignments.  Also if students did not complete the training for the TI graphing calculator, then doing this before the test would help.  Encourage all resource use.  See the folder Inverse Trig Functions.  Thank you, parents.

  • End of Week 6 Report

    In our short week, I want to express my thankfulness we did not have serious damage by the storm and how PSD managed school closings.  We went over the exam. Due to the great effort of students, we were able to continue to progress in our studies to end up Friday talking about Inverse Trig Functions.  I will be moving a HW grade to this week and a quiz on Friday.  Please take time to visit the resource section and look at the lesson on Trig Inverses.  I want you to know about all the resources that have been gathered to help your child be successful.  Please take a few minutes and see them for yourself.  I think you will be impressed.  A great homecoming week is anticipated and I hope to see you at the big game on Friday!

  • End of Week 5 Report

    We conducted an exam of our study of Trig thus far.  It was a challenge to students but the performance was average to excellent.  Way to go students.  After we return to school we will work more on Trigonometry.  I have made minor adjustments to our lesson schedule.  Please view that document.  Your child may need more support or help with study skills.  I recommend at least 30 minutes per day reading, working problems or viewing instructional videos.  Math is a building type of learning and mastery only happens over a period of sustained activity.  The benefits of such study and learning are tremendous.

  • End of Week 4 Report

    We continued our study and now are working on Trig functions.  This is an exciting part of the course and has many applications in life and the sciences.  We will finish this study and take our first test this Friday.  It will be comprehensive over the 5 weeks of study.  Please review the course documents if you have not done so already.  The grades have been updated as well.  Again, thank you for your support and involvement.

  • End of Week 3 Report

    We started our work on Trigonometry.  The concepts of Trig help us understand many things in life that have cycles.  We continued the schedule of standards and took a quiz on Thursday.  There should be three grades: the syllabus, Quiz 1 and Quiz 2.  One way to become good at Trig is to know the Unit Circle.  I have a handout on this and a video I made for students on our course page.It may be good to take a few days and review the math that students have gaps with.  This is also a great opportunity to rekindle an appreciation of math and work on proper classroom learning behaviors.  I am expecting by the end of this week for students to remedy on their own any poor listening or work ethic challenges.  After this period, parents have good reason to expect quality math instruction and fewer days of wasted instructional time.

  • End of Week 2 Report

    The quiz went well on Thursday.  We are working through the proper lessons and students are being assigned work.  I will not be able to slow down or compromise the integrity of the course for students who do not work or study outside of class.  Please make sure by the end of week 4 there is regular daily study times.  This is the only way lasting learning happens.  Having taught college for over 6 years, it is very easy for me to know what happens to students with very weak math skills.  This can be corrected in a few weeks time with your support.  The distractions from nonenaged students will be addressed this week.  Thank you for your support.

  • End of Week 1 Report

    I thought we had a good week.  We had some introductions and did some review.  We also gave the syllabus and assigned a book so students have that resource when needed.  We will start our new material this week. If you want to learn more about what we are learning each day you can use the lesson schedule and the standards document. Thank you for sending your child to Rockmart High School.  I will do my best to provide a quality math education opportunity for your child.Please sign the syllabus and email me back any questions you may have.

  • This website

    I will be using this website as a primary way to give information about the course and to provide updates.  I also will have information about assignments and the calendar.  Go here to stay up-to-date.  Email me if you have a question.  Hope you and your child have a tremendous fall semester!

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